Blue Lotus Connection clinicians have experience in a variety of settings, they include though are not limited to:

Community Mental Health Centers
Infertility and Reproductive Health Services
Intensive Autism Treatment Centers
Family Service Teen Age Pregnant Parent Programs
Family Court Mandated Parent Visitation Programs
Maternal Fetal Medicine Counseling Services
Inpatient Obstetrics Family Support Services
University Student Counseling Services
Inner City Children's Behavioral Services
Inner City Family-Focused Behavioral Health
Inner City Outpatient Mental Health
Inner City Juvenile Justice and Prevention
Foster Care, Adoption, and Child Welfare
Inpatient Adolescent Psychiatric Programs
Inpatient Adolescent Drug and Alcohol Treatment
Inpatient Adult Psychiatric Programs
Inpatient Adult Drug and Alcohol Treatment
Outpatient Acute Psychiatric Treatment
Community Adult Day Health Services
Neonatal Intensive Care Unit Family Services
Pediatric Cancer Research Centers and Hospitals
Pediatric Burn and Plastics Departments
Infant and Toddler Services
Home Health and Hospice Care

Elementary School
Middle Schoool
High School
Cognitive Psychology
Abnormal Psychology
Psychology Trainings and Seminars

Women’s Health Research, Focus Obstetrics
Art Therapy Research, Pediatric Post-Surgery Health
Cognitive Development Research, Infant and Toddler
Maternal Depression Research, Parent-Child Interaction
Child Development Research, Focus Autism



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