The key elements of awareness, presence, compassion, appreciation, sacredness, silence, emptiness, transparency, intimacy, love, freedom, spontaneity, independence, synchronicity, and heartwell are essential qualities of creating vibrant relationships.

Encouragement of creative self-awareness assists with dissolving obstacles to personal growth and satisfying relationships. Artfully combined to provide the necessary elements, it re-inspires compassion in life through intuitive development.

Nurturing self-reflective practices assists cultivation of presence, the essence of deep relationship with self and other. Clear impressions of core quality, a sense of ease, poise, and self-assurance sustains connection needed to create relationship. Consciously engaging in these self-reflective connections of profound presence cultivates deeper quality relationships.

Compassion fosters warm understanding, gentle encouragement of mindful-awareness, balanced perspective, and non-judgmental support. Increased clarity and self-compassion stimulates emotionally resilient relationships of unconditional acceptance.

Embracing the value of authentic quality nourishes the art of appreciation. Heartfelt appreciation that nurtures and strengthens bonds is vital to equilibrium within relationship, the very defining quality that occurs between organisms.

Being fully aware of the incorporeal aspects of self is to be present in the mystery of the unknown. The incorporeal motivating factors are attention, choice, perception, belief, and intention. Being keenly aware in the presence of mystery creates inner peace. Uniquely balanced care enhances personal growth and meaningful connections.

Cultivating awareness of freedom to experience spontaneous silence, a process in which pure growth evolves, intrinsic to creating relationship with friends, lovers, and family. Hearts beating in unison enhances connection, clarity of communication, and happiness.

Natural fertility of selfless essence is emptiness where love arises, a condition in which being is inseparable of true relationship. Compassionately embraced, emptiness is the essence where two hearts penetrate, illuminating relationship.

The art of demonstrating pure openness, communication, and accountability liberates extraordinary intimacy creating powerful connection in relationship. Reciprocal transparency builds trustworthiness in relationship producing healthy relational outcomes.

An intrinsic biological need for deep emotional and physical connectedness is lifelong. Listening with an open heart, empathy, understanding, and compassionate honesty are the heartwell of intimacy. Accepting, appreciative presence to a full range of experience and aspects of self are necessary for pure intimacy and sustained pleasure in relationship with other.

The art of love is an unconditional appreciation of profoundly tender, deep affection. Love is a relational continuum, though not relationship. An incorporeal experience of your inner most peaceful silence, love is an extension of self.

Embracing lightheartedness, choice, flexibility, and freedom to experience are essential to the empowerment of creative change and renewed commitment that affect vibrancy in relationship. Do not just wait for great relationships to happen to you by accident. Responsibly create continually evolving relationships.

Experiencing moment-to-moment connection unencumbered by prefabricated notion. Absorbing spontaneous natural rhythms of silence that bridge relationship, sensing full spontaneity, natural emergence of serene connection deepens.

True independence, awareness, and mutual interdependence are integral to synchronistic relationships that thrive. Responsibly contributing to life, the simultaneous interconnected beauty of balanced independence and mutual interdependence invites, creatively empowered involvement nourishing life.

Achieving sustainable change occurs through development of internal motivation and heart-mind-body synchronicity. Balance is a living system's very defining quality via synchronization of regular and repeated fluctuation that occurs within and between individuals. Relationship equilibrium evolves when interactions transpire from a synchronous foundation.

Blue Lotus Connection helps in developing awareness, inner-calmness, and self-acceptance achieved through harmonious emotions, thoughts, and actions. Quality interrelationship between heart-brain-body communication forms intricately connected self-reinforced feedback cycles that strengthen and balance relational connections. Sensing the pulse of your own internal wisdom links you to your dynamic rhythm in ways that increase your happiness, a greater sense of balance in life, maximizing innate potential for creativity, growth, and success essential to nourishing relationship.


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